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Optimize the use of your iPhone and your iPad by taking advantage of our expertise and our creativity. Your idea can improve the lives of millions of users or improve the efficiency of your employees.

We can do it for you, in your image.

We create practical, ergonomic and aesthetic applications

SKWAL Soft... we implement your ideas for the general public or for your own business.

Our expertise

SKWAL Soft brings together a competence center around one idea: develop applications for iPhone and iPad which will enhance the daily of their users.

A real challenge is to take up!

Expertise Quality / Project Management / Strategy

The projects management is carried out according to conventional methods if the client wishes to limit its intervention during the implementation or following agile methods when the client wishes to have earlier an important added value.

In all cases, customer satisfaction is ensured by its intervention during the key steps.

Technical Expertise

The skills of SKWAL Soft team cover technical areas wich make today the success of applications available on Apple's AppStore.

Our experience in developing embedded systems allows us to understand the technical requirements for application development on iPhone and iPad.

In addition, we also develop secured client / server infrastructure to enrich the content of your communicating applications.

These skills acquired at software publishers, manufacturers, players in mobile telephony industry or service companies are the guarantee of your technical constraints understanding and flexibility when making your plans.

Ergonomic Expertise

We propose the study and analysis of the graphic standards of your applications.

We attach importance to the respect of the harmony between form and color, shape, light and the contrast between all these forms of visual energy. For us, the visual should highlight the features of the application in order to make its use enjoyable and intuitive.

Expertise on the needs

For SKWAL Soft, there is not only one vision of the ideal application. However, we share values ​​that allow us to offer practical achievements, ergonomic and aesthetic.

Our team work with our clients to enable them to articulate their needs.

These are the benefits to make SKWAL Soft your partner for the study or the realization of your iPhone / iPad application.

Our applications


XV-Men is an application to present teams and players participating to the rugby world cup which starts September 9, 2011 in New Zealand.

We managed making 900 rugby players fit in an iPhone!

Free Kick

Free Kick is a 3D application simulating shooting rugby's penalties.

Developped for the Rugby World Cup which starts September 9, 2011 in New Zealand. It is presented as a demonstrator of the 3D development opportunities SKWAL Soft can offer you.

It uses the following technologies:

  • Unity 3D a 3D game development engine
  • Blender a tool for modeling 3D objects
  • GIMP an image editor (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Eternal Errant

Eternal Errant is an application allowing to simply read a comic book.

The application SKWAL Soft provides the authors gives them the ability to forget problems of digital broadcasting on an international scale and to remain focused on what they do best: the comics. So they increase their chances to meet their audience and so sustain their project.

The illustration is the first part of the Eternal Errant, a Fabrice PELUSO French comics.


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